Let’s examine the industrial dishwashers that are preferred from the kitchens of the smallest businesses to the kitchens of the largest businesses.

Time Saving!  

Did you know that you can wash your dishes in 1 minute? The washing cycles durations start from 1 minute to 4 minutes.

So what does it mean to save time?

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Remember that time is money.”

You think, “I have a small business, I can use a household dishwasher”.

So how fast can a household dishwasher act in a time of frequent customer visits?


While even a minute is very important in the service industry, it is not a good idea to keep customers waiting for the dishwashing process.

Also, you do not need additional staff in the kitchen just for dishwashing, after 1 minute your dishes will be clean in accordance with the food codex.


You can examine these machines, coming with a wide model range that you can wash up to a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 5000 plates in 1 hour, from the products menu.

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